Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trying new schedule for Fall

The school starts again in one week and I started my preparations by putting together a new schedule that I'd like to share with you.
As you see, it's a bit more complex that traditional list of lectures. Let me explain.

The yellow space marks time when I'm at work, red color are my lectures at school. I have set up regular blocks of time to go to gym. Making uncomfortable activities look like a regular appointment should help me to treat them with some respect. :-)
Every day there is a lunch break scheduled for about two hours. Perhaps it seems to you like it's too much time, however, I realized lunch is very important for me. I like to choose a good restaurant and have the opportunity to have coffee afterwards. And as a result of eating alone, my lunch break often serves as study break as well.
Moreover, having enough time scheduled for lunch break prevents you from afternoon lateness.

My alarm's scheduled for 6:00 on workdays and 8:00 on weekends. To get enough sleep, I should be in bed by 23:00. To ensure this, I have set up an evening routine two hours before bedtime (that's the blue dashed line). That's enough to prepare materials to take with me the next day, to take a bath and to read a few pages before falling asleep.
The party animal in me made a compromise of not staying out later than until 2:00. Hope that would work well.

That's the basic schedule that I'd like to stick to in next few months.
What does your schedule look like?

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