Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting ready for Back-to-school

Holidays are officially over and on Monday, the Fall semester starts. It's time to get ready for upcoming battles. Sacrifice your Sunday afternoon nap and try to get ahead.

Workspace: get rid of the holiday clutter
I cleared out all my drawers and evaluated the content. All that pens that dried during the summer, paper clutter and tangled cables must go. It's a good idea to start putting together a shopping list for office supplies when you realize something is missing.
Also, set up some space for new documents. On my Mac, I created new folders for all notes, PDFs and other files that would be created in upcoming months. There would be no electronic clutter at the end of the first week.

Create new schedule
As I showed you before, I developed my schedule already. I'm prepared to adjust it after a week or two if necessary. It doesn't matter whether you use paper or digital calendar, whatever is more comfortable for you. For example, I hate using my phone to keep track of homework assignments, therefore in case I'm not allowed to use my Mac in the classroom, I simply take my Moleskine agenda with me next time.

Do anything else to avoid Monday morning madness
Prepare your handbag the night before. Make sure that shirt you're about to wear on Monday is not wrinkled. In other words, think of things that you might need the night before. Such practice can save your nerves everyday, however, if you're an impulsive person, it might not suit you.

And don't forget to charge your gadgets ;-) What are your back-to-school practices?

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